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Dr. Woodson was a prophetic social scientist of his day full of wisdom from a “realist perspective.” Regarding purposeful academic guidance with social directives specifically interpreted to solve all Black Americans aspirations and needs to succeed in America’s competitive race base society. Moreover, he foretold degenerative social indicators that will arise in Black communities in America if Black Educators and Professionals did not control education of our children and commerce in our communities.

Todays educated lettered: Black–Doctorate, MBA’s. BA’s of Education, Business, Politics, Medicine, Science, Religions, and including, Nationally recognized Black Entertainers, Community Advocates and Organizations truly reflect and have fulfilled the theme message found in the book “The Miseducation of the Negro.”

Most condemning today in terms of the subject matters found in the book ‘The Miseducation of the Negro,’ are the Black higher educated men and women graduates from so-called Black colleges and institutions. They have for the most part abandoned the Black communities that groomed them to tackle and overcome societal base-line oppressions.

If Black Americans was ever charged “officially” for participation in the social and family destruction of our group / race members lack of unity in the American society, Dr. Carter G. Woodson (along with well-known others) written words and group advocacy would be used by prosecutors, as the “smoking gun,” convicting the majority of people in our group.

Our cloaked shame is a result of our race overwhelming ill social conditions. This shame and lack of group empowerment has proven allied with America’s White racist society long-standing devious efforts to prevent and destroy any humane, social, and civic efforts by “Black Leaders” past and present, attempting collectively unify Black Americans into one common core consisting of Race Preservation, Proper Identity, and Social Success within the American Society.

For us as a people / race competing for limited resources in our society with other races and groups, “We” must close ranks racially by forming or instituting a new shift in our social consciousness that demands respect and levels negotiation within all institutional fields. This ultimately will benefit the total society in real terms of improved race relations and is the only solution to Americas Black and White problem that is inwardly tearing this country apart.

America must let Black Americans take the lead in solving our family and particular social problems without interference from its White members that believe Black unity is a threat to American patriotism or conservative and liberal political ideologies.

Dr. Carter G. Woodson humanely innate ideals and beliefs are not exclusive from any other race of people in the American society or our planet for that matter. On the contrary, all other races excluding the Black race practice and uphold race identity, self-determination, pride, and autonomy.

Let’s take for an example the skin complexion of our beloved Freedom Fighter / Abolitionist Frederick Douglass. frederick_douglass_loc_collodion_c1865-80 Mr. Douglass was born a “Mulatto slave,” in 1818. His slave mother was of the Black Race. His father was the slave master, a White man belonging to the White Race. Yet his skin complexion confuses many Black Americans of Mr. Douglass race origin. Simply because they’re confused about their own. The root of this cultural 21st Century racial identity crisis began during the late 1400’s to mid 1500’s. Whereas millions of Black men, women and children from the continent called Africa were, kidnapped, sold and purchased by White men for enslavement on the North and South American continent and its surrounding Islands.

Many of the descendants of x Black slaves here in the America’s today refuse to accept their true racial identity. Due to the dominate White male (People) slave master mixing his seed with his enslaved Black women(s) for a period of four hundred years (estimate). Therefore changing the natural dark skin complexion (Black) of the native people of the continent called Africa to what is witness today in lighter skin tones known as light brown tones or close to White people skin complexions. White people once label the children of mix races as, Mulattos. A person of mixed white and black ancestry, especially a person with one white and one black parent.”  A new race of people in their view adopted during the White race conquest over the darker (than them) people on the planet.

Technically speaking in terms of “Race,” and the associated scientific class (divisive) in human race terminologies; There is no race called African (PERIOD). Likewise there is no race called European. Too many Black Americans mistakenly referred to themselves / race group as African-Americans.

The continent called Africa never unified as a Nation in “real” geopolitical terms e.g. United States of America is a Nation. Africa never unified as a Nation like others such as Europe, Russia, China. So-called Africa development into Nationhood by its native people, was thwarted by European invasions of its lands and people. Back in history when Black people exclusively dominated and ruled the many countries and lands on the so-called African Continent long before the White Race knew it existed. Our race was dis-united like other races during that age but we in particularly and collectively speaking, possibly did not posses the mental concept of which existed in other races of people, “continental domination by the native people of their land based on advancing the Black race.”

Now that I have humbly with the best of my elementary thinking set the ground for thinking correctly in race terms, lets accept who and what we truly are in terms of Race and Nationality.

If you were not born in any of the various countries on the said continent you technically are not that. All that being said, viewing ones Race v Nationality;

RACE = Black, Red, Brown, Yellow, White

NATIONALITY = Any of the 196 countries that are construe as ones nationality if such, that person was a legalized born citizens. or naturalized adopted immigrant .

Black people living and born in the United States of America please accept who and what you truly are!

Even the U.S of America painstakingly play along with the descendants of its x slaves present day identity crisis, e.g. Notice on all its socio-demographic data collections forms (Applications / Information gathering tools) in the race categories, you always find exclusively one box for White people. One box for Black “or” African-American. Ask yourself why the choice is given to Black people and not White people? Answer… The American society with all its institutions plays along with our group / race confusion, purposely or inadvertently, keeps us as a Race of People in a perpetual mental state of disunity and identity crisis.

It’s just that simple Black Americans / People.

The basic meaning of the word religion is “A way of Life or Living.” Connected with religions is a God or Godhead, in contexts of physical or mental, that followers and believer’s profess their submission and authority over their lives and actions e.g., Islam God Allah is mental unseeing with the human eye, Christianity God has heads depicted in painted imagery of a man. Again, looking at the basic meaning of a word. God simply means “force and power.” Head means the upper part of the human body separated from the body by the neck.

Keeping the above basic concepts and meanings in mind, if one ever realizes it in their lifetime. One grows into an understanding that institutionalized religions and their dogma has evolved from one source that source is MAN. Man is the maker of religions to help him with understanding, comprehending, and control (positive and negative results) the realities of life.

Much debate and arguments revolve about that one source, which all religions are connected. People are born into the world knowing nothing. Our social environments shape our understanding, learning, and knowledge of the world. Knowledge of things is subjective to environment and the degree of formative information made available through exploration, study of subject matters then given, taught, and explored further then shared to other’s not having and seeking knowledge and understanding into things. This process happens like a ticking clock throughout the history of humanity.

Now in particular, the Black man and woman (majority wise) here in North America today are descendants of x slaves. Those slaves were in physical captivity for a period estimated to be 300 years, or 12 generations having no light (proper knowledge of things) given, or taught to the children of slaves, which those children eventually had, children, obviously did not have knowledge to teach their children for 12 generations, or 300 years.

A Slave life consisted of physical servitude to White society, day in through day out, year after year for Twenty-five years times, four, times three equals three hundred years. The tenth generation of slaves (250 year mark) were introduce to a religion that reinforced the slave master will into the mind of the slaves that accepted this new indoctrination of servitude. That new servitude indoctrination was the religion of the slave master’s called Christianity.

Christianity has proven to be, a perpetual mental conditioning that would constantly trigger submissiveness and fear in the mind and actions of the slave less violent consequences from the master, even when his or her master was out of sight or not present in the immediate presents of the slave.

The religious indoctrination called Christianity proves to be everlasting as long as the slave and the children of slaves worshiped the Christian Godhead called Jesus Christ. This explains why today even well-educated “Free Black men and women backed by Constitutional Civil Rights, here in America and around the world submit to White people authority over them in the greater society. Black Americans today practicing and believing in the Christian Godhead called Jesus Christ, are similar in mind and actions of the Black slaves of old.

Black America it is just that simple. Practicing religions that teach “force and power” resides somewhere outside of your body, and the only way to connect to that power and force is through submission while you live and devote your will to that particular religious dogma. Aggressively these religions teach followers and believers they will meet the Godhead after death and then he will reward your earthly servitude to men and humanity

These religions bound humanity to follow the Godheads; Prophets, Messengers, Pope, Priest, Imams, Ministers, Preachers, Kings and Queens, Rulers of Nations and Masters / Authority positions over men, women and children during earthly life to mediate over the same forces and powers all men and women born into this reality called life are endowed with. Once coming into the knowledge of the natural order of known creations that cannot escape rationality, which governs the small things in creation it, would be natural for a slave to reject his slave master Godhead given to him to keep him bounded and controlled perpetually during his life to the slave master ways of life. The Black man and woman have not achieved this realization even after 150 years have passed since their fathers and mothers was emancipated here in America.

All humans inherit intelligence based on the developmental phases and abilities humans are capable of achieving. Each can comprehend mental or physical concepts in every particular contextual science that governs human development when given the best education man has developed. The free Black man and woman have proven this here in America.

As long as the natural human processes of learning endowed in all humans, is not developed properly within any given society, humanity will continue its negative systemic process of enslaving (mental and physical) groups and individuals.

Forces and power naturally groups or combine in promoting and seeking to control (degreed amounts) of others outside their group, to enhance their group systemic ideologies e.g. religion for the sake of world domination. Simply, yet denied and covered, to enhance race, group or  individual power and force to exist in comfort and enjoy the finer things life has to offer at the exclusion of competing races, nations, and or groups melted within a society.

The Black race refuses to accept this reality of group / race competition for the sake of preservation. Even in the face of living in continue social and economic oppression under the banner of God Loves America or America the Land of The Free, which neither is a reality for Black Americans because Black Americans have not harness the power nor force that comes when groups or races unite under these banners. In essences when a group with lessor power and force unite with a group with greater force and power in the American society the lessor group becomes servants or remain servants to the greater group. Only gaining limited equality in the share of limited resources the society generates.

Black Americans love America but America does not love them. In return for their ancestor’s 300-year enslavement in a land, that was not theirs. America emancipated its tortured and captive slaves to go free without physical chains into the American society unprotected from its former slave master seeking to re-enslave or hunt down to kill newly freed Black men, women, and children.

Instead of packing up and leaving America shores returning to their rightful homeland. The majority of Black Americans infected with Christianity and its Godhead, Jesus Christ remained here in America trick into believing they had a right to the lion’s share of the White Christians controlled society.

In spite of the 150 years following the Emancipation of x Black slaves with untallied numerous murders, public lynching’s, and second class citizenship status in the society, The descendants of x slaves (Black Americans) remain growing into the tens of millions of oppressed citizens of the society. In America social cultural group terms, Black Americans are suffering more or higher rates disproportionately from the host of social-cultural ills that plaque 21st century civilizations.

While other races and ethnic groups practice and consider themselves Christians and Muslim followers and believers live in the American society they manage remaining united based on perspective races and cultures of their former homelands even though they practice Americanism. This race / ethnic unity factor generates cooperative economics that benefit their race and group first then the broader society second. This is a natural social-environmental phenomenon that occurs in the American society except with Black Americans.

I conclude in spite of Black Americans practicing and upholding American social norms (Religions in particular) that define law-abiding citizens and American patriotism, Black Americans will receive the worst of the social ills 21st century heaps on its disenfranchised second-class citizens that they are.

Until they unite with self and kind first then determine its future generations of Black Americans status. By utilizing their individual force and power combined / unified into one purpose. Like a Godhead demanding obedience and sacrifice commitments from its followers, then and only then, Black Americans will earn respect and honor they rightfully deserve from America.

How to Lynch A Black Man…Let Me Count The Ways.

The Importance of Teaching Black History Year Round Not Just One Month Out of the Year.

Originally posted on THE MILWAUKEE DRUM:

In the past I mistakenly believe Congresswoman Maxine Water’s during the mid 90’s was an advocate “against” rap music exploitative and derogatory lyrics which the past two decades have label “Gangsta Rap.” Today after researching more into the subject, I found I was wrong rather Congresswoman Maxine Waters came to the “defense” of the Rap Music industry. Aligning herself and political status with Russel Simon crusade denouncing legal attempts to censor the rap music industry, see link… 

Let it be known I stand corrected. Congresswoman Maxine Waters did in fact lend her powerful political position before to support Gangsta Rap artist, 1st Amendment Rights.

Regardless if rap artist lyrics subtle and indirect intent was to trigger self-destructive thinking in the minds of its listeners and fan base. Rep. Maxine Waters did not care about the coming future generation of youth socially exposed to uncensored degenerative lyrics backed by musical…

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Ready – Set – Go!

I EMERGED from warm liquid. Forced by impulses in the back bottom of MAN’S brain.

I and 249, 999, 999 million other’s fought and jockey for place to enter the Big Race.

Only one can finish and that one was YOU and I.

Down MAN’S spine out his CREATIVE  MEMBER.

Specifically, predetermine, concisely designed for PROCREATION and excretion of body fluids.

We all shot forth traveling 28 mph side by side in ranks in files.

Like SEMEN on ships with sails, castaways we were in triple darkness.

Riding electrical jive-rations at the ends of our sails.

Set on a course enclosed in the SACRED WOMB of WOMAN.

Who screams with JOY and PLEASURE as though SHE is cheering US on.

Each struggling to be the first, to enter the merge lane to GLORY.

No thoughts present then that I remember.

How about YOU?


Racing for the PRIZE which is LIFE.

The BIG RACE starts again at BIRTH.

Predetermine NATURE or YOUR GODS.

Which one really does not matter when observing the full scope of living this life.

We all eventually learn the purpose of life but too many deny its inevitable conclusions.

So its better to live and be HAPPY.




Politics is tricky business and the Fox News Network is a great and powerful divisive advocate against human rights for all members of humanity…

Both Rev Al Sharpton and Sheriff David Clark live dedicated lives. Sharpton to the belief in Christian values and civil rights non-violent advocacy to force society to see equal human value in all regardless of race, creed, and gender. Clark is a top law man. An outlaw or criminal, and abusers of civic life, worst nightmares–getting caught by the law. Obviously the only thing politically the two of them have in common is their dark skin and Black men carrying out their lives in public view of a greater society which hates dark skin people and especially targets Black men to reduce socially perceived manhood and reduce their public influence over the greater White majority in the American society.

A rational conscience aware Black man or woman thinking outside emotions comparing these two Black men lives side by side might realize the bigger tragedy. In regards to the Black American Experience that is–in the past 6000 years–there has never been a united Black race experience. Historically speaking, we as a Race did not set sails in the great race between Races on Earth. We have been participants used and abused by other Races on the planet that cast their sails to unite in shared common causes of all sorts.

For example during our enslaved fore fathers and mothers captivity there were semi – free Blacks living in this land while the greatest enslaved. What a dilemma for those semi-free Blacks (Est. 1.5 million by 1860) living in the mist of White society them realizing in their minds how powerless they really were.

I ask why did they stay (in whole numbers) here in America? Did they have the attitude “I got mine you get yours.” They literally had to have documentation declaring they were freemen on their persons at all times but we realize today like many of them back then, a white man is not bound to respect the human rights of any Black person in this American society then and it seems even today. So really what’s more important to us as a race of people to just say we live too, we breathe air too, we raise families too, we have love ones too, we believe in God too, we love America too, we die and fight for America too, so with all that in mind, why don’t America love us too?

Black men and women with public statuses comparable with Rev. Al Sharpton and Sheriff David Clark are worthy of respect from rational minds less emotions that is, because regardless of their politics they both are Black men fighting the good fight regardless of either one’s public non-commitment appearance to a united Black race.

I ask what is Fox News Network real agenda in regards to advocating human and civil rights for Black Americans by instigating division between Black American leadership?

The Black conscious aware among us are divided within our cause(s) and advocacy also for the true liberation and independence of our race free from White aggression on our planet. This is also tragic and a major dilemma preventing a real united front against White aggression. Many make attacks on who or what we perceive is constantly preventing Black people from uniting whether they are in Black skin or White skin. Is it just me? Did I get it wrong during my life time of Black conscious awareness advocating most of all for Black pride, re-education, do for self, knowledge of self and other’s? Well I at least realize the Black conscious narrative is now diluted and off its track. Who or what is at fault has not been written or spoken about lately. Ours should have remained base on unifying those who listen to the call of unity with self and kind.

We are just divided as Rev Al and Sheriff Clark political advocacy made to appear by Fox News Network’s political agenda. When actually both their advocacy spawn from the same source of human rights advocacy encompassing freedom, justice and equality. I know for a certainty Black men the likes of President Obama, Rev. Al Sharpton, nor Top Sheriff David Clark roles are responsible for our miserable condition in the chain of human events on this planet.

Rev Al Sharpton life time human rights advocacy and Sheriff David Clark life time law enforcement profession are both worthy and necessary causes to keep / check humans innate bestial nature. Anyone or anything dividing the equal necessity of both, is truly an enemy of, conspirator (even people not knowing) against the “Divine Province,” of human rights for all men, women and children on our Earth.

Why do Russell Simon seems to always get his face in front of grassroots movements? Like always he has an exploitative motive I’m assured. Can anyone think “Rush Card.”Russell_Simons_at it again-10375033_10152589501921482_3933019650114927379_n

Russel Simon and Run DMC are responsible for selling out the Hip-Hop Renaissance in the 1980’s.

Why do you say Muhammad?

I was there living on the East Coast at the birth of the Hip-Hop Renaissance (1980 to 1989) managing a few young inspired Hip-Hop artist and groups. I had a few notable meetings with then newly formed hip-hop record companies. I also partnered in promoting local Hip-Hop concerts in Hartford CT.

Run DMC was the first Hip-Hop group to commercialize the movement with hit album ‘Raising Hell,” featuring a song rapping about “Adidas Sneakers.” 

They got paid but Hip-Hop lyrical songs rapping cultural awareness took a back seat in music industry distribution and now is underground almost non-existent. 

Now our youth and the public at large is expose to lyrical content that is derogatory, demeaning, and morally degenerative to young Black souls under the guise of real Hip-Hop. 

Today’s rap music culture is not hip. 

In the context of true Hip-Hop: Hip implies self-assurance and self-awareness of destructive elements in one’s environment. 

Hop, implies developing the mental ability to avoid the pit-falls / traps and bad behavior examples present in one’s environment. 

True “Hip-Hop,” is a message tuned to music inspiring things like self-respect, respect for and attainment of proper education; knowledge of self and others, love for ones fellow human being, etc, etc.

Now that’s Hip-Hop. That’s what Russell Simon played a role in derailing.

What you have today is not, I say is not…HIP-HOP. 


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