The Lost Factor of Common People Standing on the Verge of Justice for All

First I would be remiss not to acknowledge the positive spirituality of the  ‪#‎Blacklivesmatter‬ moment. I cheer your advocacy and resistance to police brutality but marching and protesting will n…

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Part II… I Want My Reparations!

BLACK HISTORY CHECK… Mental inquiry to consider before reading about this major unsung problem I often present in conversations and write about that is facing America.

  • Why do the Black man and woman love his enemy? Answer – Because the enemy gives them nothing. T.H.E.M…

Brother and Sisters, America prints dollar bills / money on dried pressed wood pulp mixed with cotton fibers. America will never run out of trees and cotton!

The unaddressed issue of America paying Black Americans, those that are descendants of X Black slaves, reparations for our fore-parents 300 years of forced slavery, is not a case of America going bankrupt, or America does not have the MONEY.

It is finally time for America to endorse, the “insufficient funds” check our X slave fore-parents received after President Abraham Lincoln assassination, which made his Emancipation Declaration water down and free from compensation and repatriation back to the African continent for all freed Black slaves.

A most historic example of America capacity to pay overdue reparations; For the past 7-years, the American Federal Reserve printed trillions of dollars to shore up / stimulate the American economy after the 2008 great recession fired off. Is the American economy broke because the Federal Reserve gave Wall Street Investment Houses and Big Banks trillions of dollars zero free interest rate money these past seven years?

The American governments and Big Corporations (Insurance Industry, Banking, Shipping, and others), that profited from American slavery know for a certainty if they finally paid the descendants of x slaves overdue reparations. Those funds in the hands of deserving Black Americans would only act as an added stimulate to the national economy, which the effects can be, and will be determined, then offset by other economic factors.

The only reason we, “The Deserving Ones” have not received reparations to date is that we / our leaders (Political and Religious) have not demanded it constructively in a legality organized fashion. Our so-called Black leaders and we are too concerned advocating, boycotting, and protesting to force White America to love us and treat us as equals in all of its societal affairs.

This divine principle of due process – Reparations / Compensation – paid to victims and their families that suffered under systematic gross wick deeds. Is a human innate rationalization, but this divine principle only occurred to Martin Luther King when he formally had a conversation with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, then shortly later MLK made it public his heart filled desires to pursue and advocate for reparations and compensation for the descendants of X Black slaves then conveniently for America, King was assassinated.

Go figure Black America, why it is today our Black leaders and professionals (Politicians, Religious, and College Educated Attorneys of Law) continue to advocate for “civil rights” that we earned 50 years ago and are on the books to support case laws in judicial courts, but they avoid public discussions addressing the “Divine Principle of Reparations,” to the American society?

Black People Need a Mega Dose of Race Pride

Look today at Boko Haram and the dope boy’s down the street in a neighborhood close to all of us. On the other hand, the Rwandan Genocide, which was a genocidal mass slaughter of Tutsi and moderate Hutu in Rwanda by members of the Hutu majority.

Too many socially consciously aware and more important “educated” Black Americans got the race game twisted. Too many of us consider ourselves first African Americans then Black, if that. All humanity is capable of violence, and murder against each other regardless of race or creed. I for one do not believe and have learned inward righteousness is not subscribe only to the Black man and woman of the human family.

Even though we are the Fathers and Mothers of the human species on this planet it is a great responsibility for us today being the living descendants of the “Original People of the Planet Earth,” to practice the best moral and social unity with one another. Therefore, to be shining examples to the worlds of men and women of the perfection of humanity that is yet to exist in the history of humankind.

Simply stated, if we (Black Americans) cannot treat each other with respect and love, which is not defined by referring to one another as “my nigga” and we share the same 500-year violent oppression and aggression from a people (White people) bent on our group suppression in their societies – makes all our Black awareness nothing! Moreover, will continue to fall in death e.g. Malcolm X and Marcus Mosiah Garvey work dead! In addition, with them gone the Black race struggle to be a truly independent people similar and like our Chinese Brothers and Sister’s.

We can do it, Black peoples! Have true productive and progressive UNITY as a race of people. We must understand the power and force of “Race Pride.” The White race  understand the spiritual force of race pride that dwells in all humanity and this is the force White supremacy utilizes to keep control over the Black race thereby limiting Black power and influence in human affairs in our modern world.

Has Black America Become Its Own – Worst Enemy! Part II

It is what it is, but what are we going to do about it?

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Has Black America Become Its Own – Worst Enemy

Source: Has Black America Become Its Own – Worst Enemy

Black and White Americans Blind-Sided by Integration – A Failed Social Experiment


America, I humbly disagree “Racism a Mental Illness.” It appears to be an obvious fallacy misinformed assumption propagated by Black academic thinkers. Racism is a constructed systematic social practice with the intent to uplift and benefit White people above so-called minority people in a society. Racism is closely observed in societies (America’s and defunct Apartheid South Africa as examples) where White people and light skin people that identify as White are the predominate race or race controlling the society. I am not certain why certain Black Americans desire to propagate this out right lie that dismisses America’s predesigned social system, but racism is alive in doing well in the American society controlling all levels in American government and economic distribution in the American society.  

Racism exists clearly (Yet denied by the majority White control social establishment) when Whites control, manage, administrate and administer the input and output of all social-economic resources while deliberately limiting and blocking access to the same societal resources to a targeted non-white skin races / groups integrated, mixed and mingled with them in a society. 

Racism cannot be eliminated by pretending it’s non-existent, nor by assuming it is a dysfunctional mental disorder because it is widely practiced and acceptable as a norm in the minds of White people who benefit most of all from the devious social practice. The pillars of racism must be destroyed or torn down in a society where practiced. America began the deconstruction of racism, but it has failed miserably.

  • Ending slavery in America was a deconstruction of racism, which resulted in – Black people building, and establishing townships in the once, Southern Confederate Slave States – this unsung result was a deconstruction of racism.
  • The passage of civil rights acts protecting Black American citizens was and is a deconstruction of racism.
  • After Black Americans demanded, White established order to level the playing field in this society and remove imposed Jim Crow social barriers against Black Americans. Our leaders involved in all social institutions apparently believed our group had arrived at some sort of completeness and acceptance with / by White society. Imagine if Black Americans were previously allowed by White established order to motivate and develop an identity – not identified as European origin – our group would not be experiencing the high degrees of social oppression found in too many Black communities.

Here we are 50 years later with most all leaders (From the President down to local Aldermen, and from the highest levels of American academia) of the American way of life – obstinately refusing to give up on Americas failed Black and White integration plan.

Integration of ideas is a noteworthy social necessity and endeavor of humanity. The method of integration into American White society since 1964 limits Black Americans advancement in the society by lesser social degrees compared to White Americans in terms of competing equitably for the limit resources the American society produces and creates from the human imagination.

Had Black Americans stayed / remain on the path of group actions and responsibility in this great social experiment the past 50 years experiences would have resulted in less of our people living in poverty conditions?

We as a group have become too dependent on the crumbs this society gives. We have become too dependent on White people controlling and administering our human and social input and output in this society.

Finally, another means of deconstructing racism is – by the targeted group of racism (Black Americans) taking control of their group / race social-economic input and output in the society by controlling, administrating, and administering the fruits of labor this American society provides all its citizens…Simply stated – Black Americans must unify!

In the case of the Black man / woman being the ultimate targets of “racism.” We only need to unite with one another based on our shared commonality “race,” then take control of our resources – human and societal – like other races and groups appear to do naturally in the American society. 

Racism is definitely not a human mental disorder if it were Blacks / Africans would have display the same mean spirited intent of “racism,” against White people when Europeans Whites landed on African shores 700 years ago.


I say to Humanity – Do not hold your breath in the false belief that “Black People” reparation for the enslavement of their past generations will not be paid to the descendants of Black slaves. What most common, unlearned, and more importantly, unenlightened people do not realize is that the wealth accumulated by Great Britain and the United States from enslaving Black people in Africa, and the Americas and surrounding Islands cannot be exhausted in a mere 400 years, if one understand how “compound interest accumulates,” when payments are placed in escrow accounts.

These two Nations and others that participated in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and with the US manner of “breeding” its’ enslaved – Black captives compounds the established 4000-year-old interest rate 10% (I calculate). Because in which the manner by which the US continued its development or Nation building for 300 years reducing the Black man and women to the level of beast is a grave crime in the sight of the unseen force and power that governs humanity existence. Compounded by after the fact Great Britain the world ruler during these troubled times abolished its slave practiced then disrupted and abolished the Trans-Atlantic Slaved routes to the Americas. America the future Great Nation – continue its bestial practice of human slavery.

There exist by way of “Divine Providence” (Do not get spooky on me readers) the authoritative and empirical Godly (Force and Power) principle “Recompense and Restitution.” The divine agreement appears written, and documented in the Christian and Muslim Holy Books.

This truth isn’t authorized to teach Black people here in America, Africa, nor the diaspora. Black people following both these organized religions are kept “spiritually,” blind, death, and dumb of this Divine written agreement (Other than the NOI that is given the divine duty to pronounce this White Supremacy acknowledgment to the world of men, in spite of it hidden, yet reveal).

An untold debt is due to the Black Race living descendants of former slaves. The debt held in escrow (Believing it not does not make it untrue). The untold reparation amount that will not break the backs or drain the financial nor land resources of White Supremacy is being calculated, but a problem exist between the holders of this escrow account and it is – Why reparation and compensation cannot be paid, but until White Supremacy ends or is near the ended?

In addition, I suggest that the time or era is fast approaching when the decision will reach its conclusion.

In conclusion, the payment cannot even be considered honestly and sincerely because Black people as an identifiable race do not accept their own nor act like themselves and being in this state of ignorance the release of reparations to the Black Race presently will only prolong White Supremacy rule over the world.

I do not believe I (59 yrs.) will live to see that time, but my posterity will that I have insured. If I by chance a living descendant of former Black slaves lives to see that great and glorious day I with a great number more like me will be called “The Fortunate Ones.”